The Lothian Foundation

The next main activites

The Lothian Foundation organizes meetings and conferences about transatlantic and European history and politics. 

Since its inception, the Foundation has followed a program of activities in which experts and people interested in the affairs of the Atlantic community have been able to exchange ideas and views on Lord Lothian’s thought  and on major issues in the Western world. 

From the outset, the Foundation has organised its activities on a self-financing and voluntary basis.

For more details about our origins and past activities, please download this document

Next conferences

Cyclades, World Heritage under Challenge. History, Culture, Economy and Strategic Role of a European Border Region 

Ios Island, Cyclades, 15-17 July, 2021. 

The Constitutional Consequences of Brexit: The Case for Scottish Independence

London, Whitehall Place, 18 November, 2021. 

Towards the Creation of a Transatlantic Common Market? The Role of Great Britain

London, Whitehall Place, 9 December, 2021. 


The Constitutional Consequences of Brexit: An Irish Federation?

London, Whitehall Place, 27 May, 2021